Token Distribution

47 Trillion - Sacrificers

33 Trillion - Burn Wallet

15 Trillion - Developer

5 Trillion - YKYC & VAMP NFT holders

NFT Holder Distribution

5% of the total supply of PoNW was distributed equally to existing NFT holders at a fixed rate per NFT. Whether it's a YKYC NFT or a VAMP NFT, the reward was the same.

Significance Of The Burn Wallet Furnace

The burn wallet started out with such a large distribution, in order to help further accelerate the hyper-deflation of the circulating supply. This is true because the burn wallet is NOT excluded from reflection rewards. 1% of each transaction is being added to its wallet balance via the burn, plus it also earns 1/3+ of each reflection, effectively turning the burn wallet into a black hole that sucks up an ever-increasing amount of each transaction tax.

Initial Liquidity

The PoNW liquidity will be provided by the community. The token starts out valueless, worth $0, & any value attached to it afterward is beyond the devs control. Have no expectations of profit from the work of others.

Sacrifice Details

The PoNW sacrifice allowed users to gift multiple different cypto tokens to the dev in order to support the idea that utilizing blockchain software is equivalent to speech, & that the freedom of speech/movement is a protected human right.

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